Saturday, March 6, 2010

From somewhere near the Falkland Islands

These are the last days of my time in the southern hemisphere of this season. I had a remarkable but short time in South Georgia and many rough days at sea with terrible strong winds and huge waves... (It is still amazing to me that the ocean can be so rough one day and so smooth the next)

I have found some days of the type of light I was looking for, and made some images I will share with the world some day soon. I was in Southern Patagonia, The Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and soon the Falklands...

I have been so fortunate to be shown again some amazing and wonderful moments on this planet and I encourage you to stop for a moment in your your day and realize how absolutely spectacular it is that life exists in all its forms on this planet as it does. We are truly lucky to have such a place as our home.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Where there is flow there is no pain" - ancient Chinese proverb

Just thought I could not resist anymore... I felt the need to share some of my words and experiences...

I have an amazing life it cannot be denied, there are many incredible places and things I am fortunate to experience first hand, here I will share some of my thoughts and words.. pages as it were from my mind.

As Humans I find we resist the one thing that is guaranteed in our lives... Change. I ask you to take some moments and think about the changes in your life that you are resisting or have resisted. Why do you resist and what are you afraid of?

Just something I think about everyday.